Small Scale Magic

Big Island Beach Camping

To me, this scene, is a day or days, depending, of whale watching buffeted by wind, sprayed by salt. Ironwood needles carpeting the ground, palms blowing, machete doing its work, popping coconuts for dry throats inside of sun parched happy faces tilted upward at the true blue sky. It's raining out to ocean, in gray sheets that polaroid pictures in the way of clouds.
Fancy profesh hammoc up between two trees as the hum of a guitar bows out.
Gearing up to get the veggies on the grill soon as the fire really gets itself going. 


*Dimensions and Details*

This pendant features an archival, elegant, and highly water resistant image set into a brass bezel and hung upon a 16 inch brass chain with a 4 inch adaptor. This means that your necklace is adjustable anywhere from between 16 to 20 inches.


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(Practical application of a Small scale Magic's "Happy Place" necklace)

Basically, I use it like a battery. I keep the private feeling I imbue it with a private secret, make it as strong as the little blips of confusion that'll inevitably pepper my day. I then let it help to calm me, like an anchor. I painted this series hoping it would serve as a tool, something to carry as a reminder that we aren't ever alone in life's misunderstandings. Life's circular, it cares for itself within its wacky perfect gentle brutal rhythm. We add what we can to it, and it isn't constantly fair, nor does it come with a users guide, but EQUALLY just as powerful, is our the ability to change, in any given moment of any given day, to allow ourselves the right to retain our preciously powerful inner peace.

Most often it's just a broken habit and a spiritual self retraining away, anyway. ;)