Small Scale Magic

Three Story Treehouse (Earrings)

Tiny treehouse apartment earrings. Painted with teeny brushes and mad amounts of childlike love. 

*Dimensions and deets*:

Archival giclees of my original painting.
Set in brass bezels around the size of dimes.
Covered in resin, and hung on brass wire that contains NO lead or nickel.
Packaged on our card which is made of recycled paper. :) 

Thanks for looking, I hope you find something you love!

(Practical application of a pair of Small scale Magic's "Happy Place" earrings)

I use my earrings by furnishing the inside of the tree houses. Cute thrift store scores mixed with magical antiques, old drawings newly framed, plush rugs and a deep couch perfect for cuddles and reading. I choose what kinds of flowers or fruit are being produced by the tree, what kind of wildflowers grow in the fields down below. Where the best perch is to watch clouds. I save one of the little rooms for my painting studio and stock it with bottles full of brushes and shelves lined in paint. ;)

If you choose these, feel free to decorate them as your own. And by all means pull that rope ladder up when you need to relax! 

Basically, I use these earrings like a battery. I keep the feeling I imbue them with a private secret, as strong as the little blips of confusion that'll inevitably pepper my day. I let them help calm me, like anchors on my ears. I painted this series hoping it would serve as a tool, something to carry as a reminder that we aren't ever alone in life's misunderstandings. Life's circular, it cares for itself within its wacky perfect gentle brutal rhythm. We add what we can to it, and it isn't constantly fair, nor does it come with a users guide, but EQUALLY just as powerful, is our the ability to change, in any given moment of any given day, to allow ourselves the right to retain our preciously powerful inner peace.

Most often it's just a broken habit and a spiritual self retraining away, anyway. ;)

(Another good one: You're a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made of stardust! What do you have to be afraid of?)