Small Scale Magic

Hi There! :)   We're Ivy and Tim. 

Welcome to Small Scale Magic! We are a small business based around Ivy's miniature watercolor paintings.  

Our Jewelry collections feature archival giclees of Ivy's miniatures. That's right! These are true miniatures!
Each image is painted with tiny brushes and represented in our jewelry at its actual size!  

We reside in the beautiful state of Hawaii and continually gather inspiration from our wild surroundings. You'll see many local scenes in our jewelry, such as Rainbow falls located right here in Hilo, Akaka Falls, Located just up the coast in Honomu, the black lava cliffs of Puna, and several different views of madame Pele at work! As well, you'll notice tons of native birds and flowers. (Ivy's favorites!)

Besides our glorious island, Ivy paints what's close to her heart, such as fairies, mermaids, humming birds (which we lack here in Hawaii! Boo!) and owls. She comes up with new ideas for her paintings based on serendipitous inspiration, and there's usually a story behind each pendant.  Into these small scale magical worlds she pours her creativity and love, sitting still and slowing down for hours at a time, working in tiny strokes to create her eenie weenie illustrative jewels. 

Tim, a professional potter by trade, allots his energy to organization, and communicating with our customers. Ensuring that our customer service and quality control stay high, and that the handmade spirit remains alive in our work. 

We hope that while exploring our store you find images that resonate with you. Ivy paints, believing that the magic she tries to imbue into each of her images will jump and accessorize your days with sweetness and celebration.  

Aloha :)



As a company we strive to achieve three primary goals.

The first is perhaps the most obvious. We strive to bring awareness to the arts and popularity back to handmade items. In this age of great commercialization and mass production, we choose to produce small batches of high quality products that are made by our own hands. In fact, we often joke about how we are the anti China. -Even though Ivy is a full half chinese. But you know what we mean. :P

Second, we aim to be Earth Conscious. Our ultimate motto is "everything in thoughtful moderation". We use as much Biodegradable Packaging as we can, and utilize 100% Recycled Paper for all of our display cards. We embrace minimal packaging. We find it helps to keep focus upon the product while saving in unnecessary waste -boxes and gift bags that usually just ends up in landfills. We focus on producing quality products which are not “throw away items”. Instead, they are art. 

Lastly, we are focused on being an avenue that brings attention and awareness to our wonderful Natural World. So many of the people and places we work with do much to help protect or foster our natural world. We work to do what we can through social media and interaction to help support this work. Our natural wonders are the greatest assets we will ever be able to hand down to our children, so it is all of our jobs to do what we can to preserve and protect them.