Small Scale Magic

Chip and Dijon

This miniature portrait of my (future) children's book characters, Chip the Squirrel and Dijon the Hummingbird, was painted on thick watercolor paper with tiny brushes, it is represented in this necklace at it's true magical scale. 

Best of friends, adventuring partners, and coming soon in book form!
Here: in miniature form! A scene of Chip and Dijon, crossing genres like they'll cross the Pacific... soon!


*Dimensions and Details*

This pendant features an archival, elegant, and highly water resistant image set into a brass bezel and hung upon a 16 inch brass chain with a 4 inch adaptor. This means that your necklace is adjustable anywhere from between 16 to 20 inches.


To get a closer look at the details, glide the cursor over any of the pictures, which will enlarge it. ;) 

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Thanks much for looking, I hope you find something that's magical to you.