Small Scale Magic


Hi, ;)

 I painted this miniature portrait of an Amakihi upon thick watercolor paper with teensy brushes. It is presented in this necklace at it's true magical scale. Approx 1.7cm. 

A member of the Hawaiian honey creeper family, this guys golden coat really makes him stand out.
Here, he's rocking more of a greenish color, product of a dream I had.... An Amakihi was hiding in our garden, there, but somehow evading my (incredibly sharp) eyes, blending into the mulberry and curry trees, camouflaged like an octopus, or.... Waldo. ;)


 *Dimensions and Details*

This pendant features an archival, elegant, and highly water resistant image set into a brass bezel and hung upon a 16 inch brass chain with a 4 inch adaptor. This means that your necklace is adjustable anywhere from between 16 to 20 inches. 

-To get a closer look at the details, glide the cursor over any of the pictures, which will enlarge it. ;)

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-Matching earrings are NOW available! Oh yeah!


Thanks much for looking, I hope you find something that's magical to you.