Small Scale Magic

Antique micro beads

This is a Collection of one of a kind beaded work, featuring itsy bitsy beads which are approximately 100 years old.
        Made in Venice, Italy, these tiny glass micro beads are available to me as a limited resource, as they are a very rare collection that we were just lucky enough to stumble upon.  Most beads from this same time period are now locked up within Museums in Native American Artwork (Peyote Stitch) and Vintage Purses from the turn of the century. With these precious Beauties, I pair gemstones (with healing properties) and my other artwork. 
        (Each tiny bead is strung onto my bracelets and necklaces one bead at a time.)
        When creating I try to utilize the unique old world colors and textures of the different beads by combining them with the same focus I apply when spreading paint upon canvas. I strive to be as creative with my color combinations as I can, while still achieving an end result that is accessible and elegant.
       I hope you enjoy this collection. And as with everything I make that is one of a kind, I hope you find the piece that was made for you!

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