Small Scale Magic

I get asked all the time how I started into miniatures, and honestly, I'm not exactly sure how it came about. I've been making tiny things for as long as I can remember. Now, as far as how I started doing miniature paintings for necklaces, it all started a few years ago when I decided to sell my art at our local markets. My first idea was to return to making fairies. I've made fairies and sold them at markets in the past, and did quite well.  
So I set about making a few and found out that though I still loved the process, there was no way I could make enough for  this to be a sustainable business plan. 

The fairies took hours to make and were extremely labor intensive -until it came time to paint their faces, which I absolutely loved. 
Hmmm, I started to have an idea. The fairies I'd completed went onto a shelf (to watch) as I pulled out the watercolors and the paper. Two hours later I sat up and had this!  And our company was born!

Thousands of paintings later, and I've returned to fairies. Only now they're smaller than "lifesize". Inspired by the size of the fairies that I've painted for my pendants. 

Each of these little guys are 10 to 15mm. Ridiculously small and insanity to make. 


I'll do another post soon, with the the third tiny fairy and her mermaid friends!


Written by Ivy Torres — February 07, 2014